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B. Morgante at the 9th ΗΑΕΕ Energy Transition Symposium: The decisive role of gas infrastructure for Greece’s “green” transition

24th of May, 2024

enaon promotes the distribution of renewable gases through smart, flexible and digital networks – From 2025, the installation of the latest generation “H2” Nimbus smart meters begins in Greece

The decisive role that the gas infrastructure is playing in Greece’s path towards a cleaner energy future was pointed out by Ms. Barbara Morgante, CEO of enaon, of the Italgas group, during her presentation yesterday at the 9th Energy Transition Symposium, organized by the Hellenic Association fon Energy Economics (HAEE).

Ms. Morgante, speaking in the thematic section entitled “The importance of gas distribution networks for our energy systems” with speakers, the Deputy Minister of Environment & Energy Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou and the CEO of DESFA Ms. Maria Rita Galli, referred to the mission of enaon in Greece for the development of smart, flexible and digital infrastructures, which will play a decisive role in accelerating a fair energy transition. The need to exploit the networks for the distribution of renewable gases, such as biomethane and, in the future, green hydrogen, developed by enaon and its subsidiary enaon EDA in Greece, is imperative. “Today, enaon manages approximately 8,000 kilometers of gas distribution network across the country, with more than 600,000 active delivery points. Investments in these infrastructures can be leveraged in such a way as to achieve affordability, reliability and effectiveness, for the benefit of end consumers,” emphasized Ms. Morgante.

“Key” to the development of renewable gas distribution is the digitization of the Greek networks, utilizing the know-how of the parent group Italgas. Already, enaon and enaon EDA are creating new native digital networks and upgrading existing ones, arming the country with state-of-the-art infrastructure capable of meeting evolving energy needs. enaon EDA’s networks are 100% ready for biomethane injection, while they are scattered at strategic points, close to existing biogas production units, acting as a link for the development of the biomethane market in the country.

In the context of the digitization of the networks, Ms. Morgante noted, enaon is leveraging the technologies developed by Italgas, such as the latest generation “H2 ready” Nimbus smart meter which is capable of measuring multiple types of gas even mixed with each other. “According to our planning, from 2025 the installation of the latest generation “H2 ready” Nimbus smart meter, developed internally by the Italgas group, will begin in Greece, as well as the replacement of existing conventional meters, bringing significant benefits to consumers and contributing to the acceleration of the country’s energy transition”, pointed out the CEO of enaon.

In addition, enaon actively participates in the initiative of the Ministry of Environment & Energy for the issuance of the relevant regulatory framework, while preparing its actions for the connection of the first biomethane units in Greece. In this context, enaon has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HABIO, the Hellenic Association of Biogas Producers, which currently represents 48 biogas producers who have already expressed great interest in the conversion of their unit for the production of biomethane, which will be channeled to the distribution networks.

At the same time, the company develops synergies with the interested parties at national and European level, in the direction of developing the renewable gas market and the technologies required to achieve the climate change goals.


B. Morgante at the 9th ΗΑΕΕ Energy Transition Symposium
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