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About us



Sustainability is the cornerstone of enaon Group’s philosophy, rooted in the belief that economic value can only be achieved through responsible and sustainable development. Integrating sustainability into the heart of our business activities, we are driving our business growth aiming to ensure a positive social, environmental, and economic footprint.

Inspired by our shareholder Italgas, we have incorporated in our targeting the adopted innovative business model: the Sustainable Value Creation Plan-Builders of the Future which reflects our commitment to a sustainable future.

From targets to investments

The Sustainable Value Plan embodies the vision, mission, and purpose of the Italgas Group, establishing a strong link between strategic objectives and sustainability. In this plan, we incorporate specific actions and objectives for people, the planet, and the economic system, having assessed the medium and long-term effects of our activities and taking into account the evolving external environment and factors of change.

These initiatives are carefully designed to have a lasting positive impact, preserving and enhancing the tangible and intangible capitals involved in our business activities through a continuous cycle of value creation over time.

Translating Vision into Action

As part of our commitment to the territories in which we operate, we are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with local communities and stakeholders. Our focus is on promoting the welfare of local communities and responding to their needs and aspirations. At the same time, we are committed to ensuring the safety of workers, citizens and the national energy system.

Striving to minimize our footprint on the environment, we promote the construction and operation of sustainable natural gas distribution networks with minimal environmental impact. At the same time, we apply sustainable practices in all our operations, and seek innovative, digital solutions to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, manage waste responsibly, and conserve resources. We engage with all stakeholders within our business ecosystem to raise awareness and drive positive environmental change along the value chain.