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Officially unveiled: “Enaon”, the new identity of greek companies within the group

Athens, February 14th, 2024


Italgas has officially introduced the new identity of Greek companies, which are now named “Enaon”, the holding company, and “Enaon Eda”, the operating company.

The announcement was made by Italgas CEO Paolo Gallo during the inauguration of the new Athenian headquarters of the companies, in the presence of Italgas Chairperson, Benedetta Navarra, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Theodoros Skylakakis, the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Development, Kostas Skrekas, the Italian Ambassador to Greece, Paolo Cuculi. Sia Kossioni, journalist, moderated the event.

The establishment of Enaon and Enaon EDA, which will be responsible for the development and management of services, represents a further step forward in the reorganization process undertaken by Italgas, marked by the merger of the previous three DSOs into one, which occurred in 2023.

“Just over a year ago,” stated Paolo Gallo “we successfully concluded the acquisition of Depa Infrastructure. Today, with the presentation of Enaon, we inaugurate a new chapter in our journey. The launch of the new corporate image comes at a time when we have already successfully achieved significant goals that will enable us to work better and more efficiently. I refer to the migration of the IT system to the Cloud, the unification of the three companies into a single operator, the selection of a new headquarters where people, previously spread across multiple locations, have more space and greater comfort. Italgas confirms itself as the ideal technological and industrial partner to support Greece in the phase-out from coal and lignite towards EU decarbonization goals. Our experience in the digital transformation of networks, an enabling factor for the decarbonization of consumption, has already been made available to our colleagues and will also allow Greek distribution networks to soon accommodate biomethane, green hydrogen, and other renewable gases”.

Today’s presentation of ENAON and the reorganizational process carried out by the company in recent months are concrete signs of Italgas’ commitment to the Greek market and further contribute to the strengthening of the partnership between our two countries. Italy and Greece indeed boast strong bilateral relations, which continue to grow thanks to the contribution of companies like Italgas that have decided to invest in this market” – stated the Italian Ambassador to Greece, Paolo Cuculi, who emphasized the role of the Italian company in a crucial sector for the development of bilateral relations.

“The initiatives being taken with a focus on Greece through the Italgas Group -several of which were presented in detail today- are helping us to gain access to technical knowledge that will enable Greek distribution networks to be upgraded in a way that could soon accommodate biomethane and other renewable gases” stated the Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr Theodoros Skylakakis.



On the occasion of the unveiling of the new brand, Enaon has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HABIO, the Hellenic Biogas Association, which today represents the operators of 48 production plants who have already shown great interest in converting their production into biomethane to be injected into distribution networks.

The agreement, signed by Barbara Morgante, CEO of Enaon, and Alexandros Yfantis, President of HABIO, will last for 2 years and will focus on various topics: from the development of regulatory proposals to the definition of connection parameters to the networks, from the determination of costs for the expansion and connection of plants to the promotion of sustainable biomass collection and the use of digestate as fertilizer.

The collaboration between Enaon and HABIO is strategic to accelerate the development of biomethane, in line with the objectives of the EU and the Greek government. As a renewable gas, biomethane represents an energy source that reduces dependence on foreign supplies and improves energy security. It also contributes to the circular economy and sustainable development of rural areas, generating positive impacts on local communities.



Enaon takes inspiration from the Greek word “Αέναος” (Aenaos), which translates to “perennial” and “renewable” and, when associated with the energy sector, aims to represent a long-lasting offer capable of meeting current needs and the well-being of future generations. By simplifying its spelling to Enaon, the new brand becomes distinctive, versatile, and with a universal meaning.

Moreover, “Ena” is the Greek word for “one” and recalls the union of the 3 previous DSOs – Eda Thess, Deda, and Eda Attikis – into a single Company; “On” represents the idea of something being active, operational. Enaon, therefore, embodies the commitment to keep energy in constant flow, providing gas continuously and working to equip the country with cutting-edge, smart, and flexible infrastructure.



The Enaon offices in Athens are located at the Politia Business Center:

The new Greek headquarters of the Group offers the opportunity to concentrate in one place many of the people who were previously scattered in various offices and locations across the city, thus enhancing interaction between people, exchanging professionalism and skills, and ensuring greater comfort for workers.

In the new offices, spread over 7 floors, people have access to modern, functional, and flexible spaces for a more effective balance between individual activities and group work. Overall, the architectural project aims to ensure bright, quiet environments away from sources of distraction, as well as areas equipped with tools for remote collaboration.

One of the distinctive features of the new headquarters is the complete overhaul of the ICT infrastructure, aimed at further enhancing cybersecurity. This revision, implemented with significant improvements, has aligned the Greek headquarters with the Group’s rigorous standards and best practices, effectively reducing risks associated with information and communication technologies.


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